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Rose Gold Holographic and Yellow Golf Holographic Snowglobe Tumbler

Rose Gold Holographic and Yellow Golf Holographic Snowglobe Tumbler

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Glitter and Starbucks please! What a good combo, don't you think? This tumbler is filled with a customized mix of rose gold holographic and yelbow gold holographic glitters. A shake of the cup and the glitter float around with endless sparkle! Just look at the close-up photo, the depth of color is amazing! This is NOT a single color, single size glitter cup. Since each cup is custom made, no two are ever alike!

This is a brand new Starbucks 24oz venti double-walled cold cup. The item comes with a lid and straw. When not in use, glitter will separate and settle. Just shake the empty cup to recombine the glitter. Please handle the cup with care. Hand-wash only. Do not keep in a hot car or expose it to extreme temperatures.

When placing cold drinks, there will be condensation on the outside of the tumbler. The reason for this is because the seal had to be broke in order to create the snowglobe effect. ;)

Please note, once we have handed your order over to the USPS and it has been scanned into the system, it is no longer under our control. It is the customer's responsibility to contact USPS for any late or missing orders.

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